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----- MEDICAL UPDATE -----

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CYCLONE - The new addition to our family!
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My Mum and me

This is me and my Mum. She loves me loads and spends a lot of time making sure that I am happy. She also prepares lots of yummy food for me, which is not always that easy as I am a fussy eater!

Dad and I

Quite a few things have changed since I came in from the cold. This is my adopted father. He is a bit mad, but he does love me so that's OK. We go for walks at least twice a day and spend a lot of time grooming.

My best friends and I

This is a photo of me with my best friends, Cisco and Zowie. We all walk in the park together every day. Cisco is big and quite scary looking but he is a teddybear really. Zowie is my best friend ever. He is quite shy and a little afraid of bikes, but he can run like the clappers and is very young at heart. Both of them live downstairs with my other Mummy, Sandra.

Man, I'm pretty!!!!

As you can see, I am the cutest dog in the whole world. That is my official title by the way, "Freyja the world's cutest dog". If you are wondering why I am called the Queen of the Ice, the reason is that for the weeks that I was living al fresco in the park, I loved to run around on the frozen lake. So now you know!

Formal wear!

The name "Freyja" comes from Norse mythology. It is the name ascribed to the leader of the Valkirie, female warriors who ride over battlefields and carry the dead to the court of Odin, Father of the gods. Cool huh?! Her name also represents fertility and love.

So now you know who I am I hope that you will come up and say hello, next time you are in the park. I am very friendly and love to meet new people and dogs. I look forward to meeting you. Ciao!

Me in the Park

I love the park! In fact I lived out here on my own for about two weeks! Fortunately I was taken in by a collection of very nice people. Now I come and visit every day instead!

Relaxing at home.

Now this is more like it! As much fun as life in the park was, I prefer to spend my days laying round the house now. The only drawback is that I AM the Ice Queen after all, and it can get a little hot for me indoors. To solve this problem I just flop onto the sofa and look really pathetic until Dad opens the window for me. Works every time!

Loki, Mr Radar Ears!

Good news about my friend Loki. He has been adopted by a very nice couple in Washington DC. No, don't worry, not THAT couple. A really NICE couple of people who are looking after him. Unfortunately it turns out that he has a touch of arthritis in his hips, but we hope it will not be too much of a problem!

If you would like to contact me, please e-mail me at my dad's address via the link below.!