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Medical Update | Big day out at the beach! | Reap the whirlwind!
Reap the whirlwind!

The good book says "as ye sow, so shall ye reap". What exactly we did to reap this little typhoon I am not quite sure! Please say hello to CYCLONE!

running around!


Even though he does rip through our apartment like a twister though a trailer park, he is not called Cyclone for that reason. Actually his name comes fron where we found him, abandoned down at Coney Island.

He is three months old (or there abouts), is a german shepard cross of some sort, and a total terror when he wants to be!

water break

It is a constant source of astonishment to me how much we have had to re-arange our household to accomodate young Cyclone. We never had half this trouble with Freyja!

What you lookin' at?

Cyclone spends most of his day either fighting with Freyja or going to the bathroom anywhere but where he is supposed to. As we do not know his history we are having to start him on his vacinations from scratch. This means that we can't talk him out for walks, which means that he has endless energy to bounce round the place with, and we can't house train him. Doh!

too close!

Even so, we love him loads already (and we have only had him just over a week!).We would not part with him for the world, although if he breaks anything else in the house we might just reconsider.........No we won't my wife tells me. He is adorable I am informed. OK then.

cute doggies

Freyja and Cyclone get along like a house on fire, and much like the destructive force of a fire, they tend to leave a big mess in their wake.

Hello little one!

Fortunately for us, Freyja and Cyclone do get on very well. This is important when you are living in a one bedroom apartment with two young dogs! Freyja seams to have taken a motherly likeing to the young scamp.....

big teeth!

.....although it may not always look like it. She is very gentle with him though, even when he annoys the hell out of her.

So there you have it. Young Cyclone, cute, fiesty, destructive, messy and now just another member of the family. I am sure he is dying to meet you all out in the park sometime soon!

bye bye!