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News from the front

DNA Model - very sci-fi !

Isn't this the most annoying page you ever get on a web site? The so called "news"page that never has anything new on it. Every time I get to a site that has some plucky little graphic saying "click here for the latest updates" it makes me want to chuck.

Suffice to say, this page is not going to be any different. For one thing, we never do very much so there is never going to be alot to put on here anyway, but here goes:

.....breaking news.....breaking news.....breaking news.....breaking news.....breaking news.....

July 2002: Well, just to prove a point, this is the first time that this page had been updated in about 12 months. You might think that this was due to my having WAY too much to do, what with being the Ninja Toaster that you all know and love, but NO! It is in fact due to my being a world class lazy goit. Yes, I am a procastinating smeghead of truely olympic proportions. Not that I am the only one of course, as there are still 4 members of the posse who have yet to get back to me with their photos.

I will keep you posted on developments as and when they happen (but don't hold your breath OK!).

DNA Model - very sci-fi!

"Three brought to life in bank raid. A masked man with a sawed-off shotgun sucked bullets out of two cashiers and a security guard in a South London bank tomorrow. The armed raider then forced terrified staff to accept 10,000 pounds, which he demanded they place in the bank's vaults. The man, Michael Ellis, completed a fifteen year prison sentence for the crime two years ago."