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No sleep till.....


Ha! It's mine, all mine!!!!!

Red Planet

or wherever the hell you are right now! (although as a toaster, sometimes I find it is better not to know!)

We members of the posse are far flung individuals. Working on the basis that no one place deserves to have us all at the same time (take that any way you want to) we have a habit of spreading our selves about a bit.

Forging out from the centre of the universe (Croydon) we have so far set up chapters in delightful Oxford and not quite so delightful Brooklyn, not to mention having standing accommodation in a number of the galaxys best run derelict prisons, starships and of course Gelf moons with Listy's in-laws.

Where are you?

The thing is we want more. Lots More.

We want to know that out there, in the heady world of cyberspace that there are others just like us. Others who understand the beauty of a top quality Madras, The poetry of a well poured pint, the sheer joy of a diva like Zeplin solo, Also we want to know that we can come and crash round your place after a hard night on the town.

With this in mind we have devised a short test for you, a sort of entrance exam as it were, just to see if you have what it takes to join us and become A DWARFER !

What we are essentialy looking for is well rounded individuals, people with a sense of adventure and a flair for the out of the ordinary. What we will settle for is anyone with a decent local and a quality selection of Playstation titles we can resort to after closing time, know what I mean.
Preferably in some cool and exotic location (this planet or otherwise) with good weather conditions and plenty of interesting natives.

So if you think you fit the bill, go to the COMMUNICATIONS ROOM and contact us. Then, if your lucky we can add your very own arrow to our map, thereby bringing our plan for Wolrd Domination even closer!

Red Planet

"Ah, you have a touch of amnesia. That's quite common after such a long period in Deep Sleep. You've been out for just over two hundred years".

"Two hundred years"?

"Actually, I woke you last spring, but you absolutely insisted on another three months".