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Talkie's the name and toastin's the game!
Let me welcome you to our site. Sit down, relax, pull up a chair. We are always glad to have visitors. By the way, would you like any toast? No, well OK, but I don't think you know what you are missing!

Welcome friend, to the seamy underside of the universe, where nothing is as it seems and even going out for a late night ruby can be a life threatening experience.

We happy members of the Red Dwarf Posse have long since grown accustomed to the smell and hardly notice the putrid stench of "cyberspace" anymore. After one of Listy's socks nothing much gets through, know what I mean?

If for whatever reason you have stumbled into this site by accident, let us introduce ourselves!

We are the Boys from the Dwarf, a loosely organised gang of malcontents who roam the world in search of the meaning of life, the fountain of eternal youth and a decent pint.

Needles to say we don't have much luck, or indeed much hope either. But we care not, we few, we happy few. It is not our lot in life to ever actually get anywhere, we just aim to enjoy the journey.

For after all, when the Crimson Short One calls, you just have to accept the charges!

So step up if you will and enter OUR world....

The Crimson Short One

Y2K reunion photo

Under Construction

Still a few things to get sorted!
Most of it is up and running though, just
click on the page headings at the top!

Red Planet

"One in trouble, all in trouble" - "The posse" - "The Boyz from the Dwarf" - "If one of us is in a fix, the home boys band together" - "That's the way it is"

"Have you got anything in writing"?