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Going Nowhere

Warning - Radiation

By now you must be just realing with the heady aroma of it all. Am I right? I thought so. Feeling a little lightheaded, can't take it all in? Thats because you didn't go for the toast earlier on. Told you so.

Anyways, having expirienced the majesty of The Boys, you are probably thinking "gee, this is the best site I have ever seen, who would have thought that a humble toaster could have come up with something so origional and innovative, I wish I could stay here forever", but you can't. It's not that we don't like you, we just have a very short attention span.

OK then, these links are to some of our members sites, or at least sites devoted to them.

and these sites refer you to some of the worlds most immpresive bands......

This is the BEST site in the whole of the known universe.
Such depth, such vision, click on it now as you don't know what you'r missing. Honestly, don't waste another second.

Talkie the Ninja Toaster!

Here we have a couple of sites that helped turn me into the "mano e mano, one on one ninja toaster" that I am today!

A selection of the very best Red Dwarf sites for your perusal!

and these links will take you to a variety of interesting portals.....

More links coming soon!!!

Warning - Radiation

"I say get into the jet-powered rocket pants and junior-birdman the hell out of here".

"An excellent and inventive suggestion, sir, with just two minor drawbacks: A) We don't have any jet-powered rocket pants; and B) There's no such thing as jet-powered rocket pants outside the the fictional serial Robbie Rocket Pants".

"Well that's put a crimp in an otherwise damn fine plan."