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Tiny Voices

OK, so you know we look the part, but just how rock solid are the boys? I hear you ask. The answer is.....not very. Lets face it, if it came down to it most of us couldn't kick the skin off a rice pudding, metaphoricaly speaking. However, we have been known to come up with the occasional pearl of wisdom, which we inevatably cast before whatever swine happen to be passing at that moment

So, here for the education of the masses and the amusment of the children, I Talkie Toaster have put together a few of the most picant observations & bon mots that the boys have come up with!

Johnny Bravo's
Advise for the lovelorn 101

How to break the ice

Never undersell yourself

Lt. Ellen Ripley
Xenomorph Relations

Gunboat Diplomacy

Under Construction!

Anold Rimmers
guide to better insults

Self assesment

Fresh insight

Nail that promotion!

A five shot killer!

The Cat
Fashion Tips for cool cats.

Remember to smile!

"and I quote"